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We’re pleased to announce today that our reboot of TCurrency is now complete. Using TCurrency will now be easier than ever and, because we’ve lowered the bar to become a TCurrency merchant, we hope to have many, many more TCurrency merchants in many more countries available soon.

ABOUT TCURRENCY (a quick refresher)
TCurrency is the go-to option for customers who don’t have or don’t want to use credit cards or other traditional methods of payment like PayPal. More importantly, TCurrency is a savior for those who can’t use traditional internet payment methods—due to issues like prohibitions and payment restrictions in their own country. And for SFI affiliates, TCurrency is especially important because it facilitates more sales…and more commissions!

TCurrency can be used to buy anything at TripleClicks and you earn all the eligible VP and Rewardicals from your purchases EXACTLY the same as if you had paid by cash, check, credit card, PayPal, etc. And when customers make purchases using TCurrency, referring affiliates will earn the same commissions as with any other payment method.

To get started using TCurrency, simply fund your member account from an approved TCurrency merchant. Here’s how:

1. Go to the TCurrency directory at TripleClicks here:

2. Select a merchant and the amount of TCurrency you wish to purchase. Note that you can compare merchant ratings and rates to find the best merchant for you.

3. You’ll receive an e-mail (and/or a text message to your phone) with your order information, including the merchant’s name and full contact information. The merchant will now contact you to arrange payment. You’ll pay the merchant using your local currency, barter, or any other payment method agreeable to both you and the merchant.

4. Once payment is recorded, the merchant will have the amount you chose placed in your TripleClicks account which you can then spend on anything you want, whenever you want, just like cash!

SPECIAL NOTE: We’ve had a significant number of new merchants apply recently…and they are just being notified of approval now…so they may not appear in the directory for a few days. So be sure to re-check the directory for new merchants in the coming days and weeks. We’ll also try to put out alerts when new TCurrency merchants are approved.

We’re very happy to have the new TCurrency program live, but what we REALLY need to make TCurrency a truly fantastic resource is YOU. That is, we need to dramatically expand the number of TCurrency Merchants available. In fact, our goal is to have TCurrency Merchants in virtually EVERY country by this time next year, accepting payments in local currency and expanding the reach of the Zing Network throughout the world. 

And who better to fill those merchant ranks than our own trusted and experienced SFI affiliates?! After all, thousands of our affiliates have proven track records building solid teams and a history of responsibility, accountability, and professionalism.

As an approved TCurrency Merchant, you can add a highly lucrative new income stream to your earnings by selling TCurrency to customers in your area. And note that YOU get to choose the price you sell your TCurrency for–up to 15% over the face value of the TCurrency.

EXAMPLE: let’s say a customer purchases $50 in TCurrency from you. You’ve chose to sell it at a rate of 10% over face value. Hence, your customer pays you a total of $55 ($50 face value + $5–which is 10% of $50). You’ve now just earned a nice $5 profit by basically exchanging one form of currency for another, for provided a needed service in your area!

Obtaining a TCurrency Merchant license is simple. The first step is to apply at:

IMPORTANT: We’re looking for affiliates serious about fulfilling their responsibilities as TCurrency Merchants. Please apply ONLY if you’re willing to make a commitment to being an always-prompt, customer-oriented service provider in the Zing Network.


The world is going more global all the time. Thousands of current and future companies will need local fulfillment/payment/delivery services, too. By becoming a member of our network of providers and establishing a track record now, you can position yourself as a potential business partner for future global services we are developing.