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Part 1: How to EA in one day with $8.
Part 2: How to BTL with $16
Part 3: How to STL with $24 only.

Please read and tell your psa also about how to upgrade quickly with minimum efforts, money and time.ย 
This is just a rough sketch your psa may follow it or use it as a guideline and may invest more depending on their financial conditions.

VP and Prices are approximate vosit tripleclicks to find exact amount.

PART 1: How to EA in one day with $8.

1. Get 10 vp daily by tabs to green. 300vp
2. Buy 10 Tcredits for $5.6 240vp
3. Buy 1 Tcredit for $1.8 100vp
4. Ask sponsor 4 Tcredits.
5. Buy 1 day ECommergy with 14 Tcredits 100vp
6. Get 3 Tcredits with 25vp for review. 75vp
7. Ask 6 more tcredits and bid at Astro Auction. 100vp
8. Exchange rewardicals 50vp.
Total: 980vp.
Now get 500vp easily from Todo page.
EA earn 10 csa worth $5 & 10 Tcredits worth $3 + $0.5 VP. Earn $8.50 back.

EA spend $8
EA earn $8.5

PART 2: How to BTL with $16

1. Get 20 Tcredits $9 with 360vp
2. Get 10 Tcredits $5.6 with 240vp
3. Get 1 Tcredit $1.9 with 100vp
4. Ask 9 Tcredits from sponsor.
5. Get ECommergy 5 day with 40 Tcredits 270vp.
Total VP eaened: 1000vp by sales.
6. Now you need just 500 vp by sales to qualify as BTL.

Ask your sponsor to get remaing 500vp. ๐Ÿ‘ย 
Your sponsor will become STL when you BTL So he can help you get remain 500vp from sales.
You both will earn $30 worth CSA. Total $60.
BTL with $16 only.

PART 3: How to STL with $24 only. ๐Ÿ‘

Once you become BTL just get 60 PSA for $24

And help them upgrade to EA and BTL.

When one of them become BTL you will qualify as STL. ๐Ÿ‘ย 

Just get more psa as per your income for large number of BTL & STL in your team to qualify as GTL with 2 STL in your team.

GTL RANK earn more than you spend

Just Like my contributionย and share to your PSA and downline for lots of active and high rank psa in your team.
I will send link to this post to every new PSA I get so that they qualify as EA and BTL and STL in minimum time both increasing their earnings and my commission.

Part 1: How to EA in one day with $8.
Part 2: How to BTL with $16
Part 3: How to STL with $24 only.

Thanks a lot and read it again whenever you want to upgrade rank fast with minimum investment.