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Effective immediately, all new sign-ups will be seeing the following page immediately upon submitting their affiliate registration:

What’s different/new:

1. The new page is heavily focused on establishing that by simply getting busy earning VersaPoints, they can start earning money with SFI immediately. We believe this is one of the best, most exciting, and easiest-to-understand attributes of our VersaPoints system, so let’s trumpet it right from the get-go!

2. We’re depositing 125 free VersaPoints into their account as a welcome gift. This represents only a small amount of money of course, about $.05, but we believe this can help pique interest and create motivation to proceed and to want to learn more about SFI.

3. Instead of us next sending them to LaunchPad or other training, we’re going to send them right to the To-Do List tab so they can immediately start earning more VersaPoints. The To-Do List can of course naturally lead them to LaunchPad lessons and other training, but brand new people will first see (at the top of the list) key getting-started actions like confirming their email address, contacting their sponsor, and so on…and all these actions offer ample VersaPoints!

Is this the “sweet spot” for maximum engagement levels? The only way to determine this is to test. So be mindful that we may also test larger or smaller amounts of VersaPoints. We may test different colors and graphics. We may test a simpler, less busy To-Do List.

We’re also very open to YOUR ideas for how to maximize engagement. It’s no exaggeration to say that with THOUSANDS joining SFI every day, if we “crack the code” for the “front door,” the sky’s the limit!

By the way, don’t forget about Starter Incentives, our program that empowers you to easily and inexpensively engage with your new PSAs. Indeed, receiving a small gift of Rewardicals from their sponsor as they’re entering the Affiliate Center might pay major dividends for you!

One more thing: If you’re having difficulty reading exactly what the new getting-started page says from the above small image, don’t fret…following is the actual text:

(OR just go to to see the real McCoy with your name inserted, just like your new team members will)


Welcome, FirstName!

You’re now officially a member of one of the largest and most successful international marketing organizations in the world! Now in our 21st year!

Every hour of every day, millions of dollars are earned on the internet. $4 TRILLION in online sales is projected in 2020 alone!

Now that you’re with SFI, YOU can start getting your share!

In fact, your earnings have already begun! Yes, as a small welcome gift, we’ve deposited 125 VersaPoints into your account to help you get started! The value is only about $.05, but you can immediately start earning 10x, 100x, or even 1000x that amount DAILY just by collecting VersaPoints!

What’s a VersaPoint?

Our exclusive VersaPoints system makes earning money on the internet simple and easy for anyone. As an SFI affiliate, we give you DOZENS of ways to earn unlimited VersaPoints every day just by doing simple actions anyone can do. You can even earn VersaPoints playing online games and shopping at stores in your area!

Collect a minimum of 1500 points each month, and we convert your points into cash! It’s that simple. No wonder thousands of people from all over the world join SFI daily!

Get started NOW!

We’ll refer you to our training guide where you can learn more soon. In the meantime, you can get started immediately earning hundreds of VersaPoints from your “TO-DO LIST,” a list of all available pointable actions just for you!